Where opportunity meets talent - connecting job seekers and employers for success.

Where opportunity meets talent - connecting job seekers and employers for success.


Sideworx Connect provides expert recruitment services for various industries, notably oil and gas. Our professionals, with deep industry knowledge, keep abreast of trends and standards to ensure ideal client-candidate matches. We cater to evolving industry needs with tailored temporary or permanent placements.

Robust Network and Relationships

Sideworx Connect prioritizes strong relationships, gaining privileged access to various oil and gas job opportunities. Our rapport with clients aids in understanding their needs and matching them with our skilled employees and subcontractors. Through these connections, we ensure mutually beneficial placements.

Rigorous Talent Acquisition and Screening Process

Sideworx Connect's success hinges on our quality talent pool. We employ a rigorous talent acquisition process, involving thorough interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks. Our careful vetting of candidates ensures our clients receive competent, safety-committed employees or subcontractors for exceptional project integration and results.

Be your best in your Moment of Service

At Sideworx, we strive to be a value added service to any operation or project that we get to be apart of, and take pride in quality for the end user.

Unwavering Dependability

Our operations are built on reliability, emphasizing punctuality and preparedness. Our dependable professionals ensure your staffing needs are met confidently and consistently, providing you with reliable service and peace of mind.

Versatile Agility

Our employees excel in versatility and adaptability, quickly adjusting to new challenges and team dynamics. Their broad skills facilitate effective task handling within your organization. You can trust our workforce to meet your requirements under any circumstances.

Professionalism with a Personable Touch

Our workers blend professionalism and approachability, excelling in their roles while fostering a harmonious work atmosphere. Their skills, coupled with an understanding of a congenial environment, ensure a productive and pleasant workplace for all.

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